Music Lessons

Enjoy learning music in a fun and effective way!

Why choose me to be your teacher?

Expert Instruction: learn from a working musician with years of teaching experience.

Customized Lessons: lessons to suit your learning style, skill level, and musical interests.

Flexible Scheduling: learn at your own pace to fit your busy lifestyle.

Comprehensive Curriculum: I’ll cover everything from music theory to practical techniques, guaranteeing a well-rounded music education.

Competitive Pricing: quality music education doesn’t have to break the bank. Competitive pricing and group lessons ensure accessible lessons for all.


Try your hand at beginner to advanced guitar lessons with me. I’ll tailor the lesson to you! I offer classical guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar lessons.

We can work on the basics of guitar playing, teaching you chords, scales, and techniques, reading music, practical guitar theory, and RCM exam and audition preparation.


What a great first instrument and gateway to learning the guitar! Many students are drawn to the ukulele for its cheerful sound and portability.

Learn chords, strumming, popular songs, playing and singing, fingerpicking, improvising, and we’ll even throw in some practical music theory. You’ll be the life of the party at any beach bonfire in no time!


If you’re all about that bass, bass guitar lessons are your ticket to groove.

Bass guitar glues the band together, and our lessons will teach you how to hold the rhythm and create captivating basslines. We will take you from novice to groovy bassist with lessons tailored to your skill level and musical preferences.


Ear Training and Sight Singing are fantastic in combination with music theory to help us play by ear, understand what we hear and enjoy the same music with fresh and enhanced ears.

Develop the ability to recognize melodies, harmonies, and rhythms by ear, making you a more versatile and intuitive musician.


Dive deep into the foundations of music. I will guide you through the intricacies of melody and harmony.

If you are preparing for an exam or audition or want to understand how music works more deeply, listen more critically, and perform more accurately, music theory lessons are for you.


Unleash your creativity and become a proficient songwriter.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician looking to refine your craft, I will help you develop your lyrical and compositional skills. Explore different genres and find your unique voice as a songwriter.


Personalized one-on-one instruction tailored to your specific goals and needs. Receive undivided attention, detailed feedback, and support to help you achieve your musical ambitions.


Learning in a group can be fun, cost-effective and boost creativity. Interact with fellow musicians, collaborate, and learn from each other in an engaging group setting. Contact me to find out which groups I am currently hosting!


You can take in-person music lessons with me in Queensborough, B.C., but I also give the same high-quality lessons over Skype and Facetime if the travel is inconvenient or impossible.

Ready to start? Don’t wait any longer!